Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Framework

Maintaining two different code bases for a single app has always been a challenging task. It certainly costs more, takes longer development time. Making changes in the app gives twice the required pain. Over time, emerging technologies have made cross-platform development more adaptable, powerful, and flexible than before. Still, there are few challenges faced by cross-platform technologies and performance issue has always been one key factor which inclines us towards the native applications. Though newer hybrid mobile solutions like React native and flutter provides a great performance improvement, there will always remain an envelope which through which the hybrid code…

Adding hypertext within a text using spannable string

We often come across situations where we need to extract links and emails from a given string. I recently faced a similar situation and handled it using REGEX and Spannable String.

Android has released a new biometric authentication library from Android API level 28 or Android 9). Android’s biometric library is an extension to the existing Figure print authentication library (available on Android API level 23 or Android 6 and above). For biometric authentication, the device must have at least an Android API level 23 or above.

How is it different from Android’s Fingerprint library?

The existing fingerprint library only has the support for fingerprint authentication but this library even supports Face authentication and Iris authentication. Unlike IOS which gives us feature to choose between Face lock or fingerprint, we do…

In the beginning, when I started exploring MVVM architecture I didn’t exactly find what I needed. Some of the illustrations were either too complicated or too basic. So this is an attempt of creating something just appropriate for the purpose.


NOTE: The entire project is available on Github.

This project is pretty simple with just a feature to sign in and sign up using Google firebase Authentication.

We won’t focus much on how to connect our application with firebase. You can go…


Screen shot of the charts from my App.

MPAndroid chart is a free Library by Philipp Jahoda (PhilJay). It is an easy to use library, designed for Android platform. It provides us the following options for the charts :

Bar Chart
Bar Chart with base
Bubble Chart
Candlestick Chart
Horizontal Bar Chart
Line Chart
Pie Chart
Radar Chart
Pie radar Chart base
Scatter Chart
Combined Chart

Gradle Setup:
Add the following dependencies inbuild.gradle project level

allprojects {
repositories {
maven { url ‘https://jitpack.io' }
allprojects {
repositories {
maven { url ‘https://jitpack.io' }

Add the following dependencies in build.gradle

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